PTCS provides technical writing, editing, and design services for manuals, reports, planning documents, proposals, and more, bringing top-notch analytical skills and a focus on the user experience to each project.

Our Services

Samples and references are available upon request.


PTCS develops documentation using information from source materials and interviews with subject matter experts. Source materials may include legacy documents, tabulated data, maps, graphs, illustrations, engineering diagrams, and — in some cases — developer code and specifications. PTCS digs deep to obtain the necessary information to ensure that your documentation is complete, accurate, and relevant.

PTCS is skilled in the use of help authoring tools such such MadCap Flare and has experience designing and templating projects for both digital and print output.


Web. PTCS has over 20 years of experience designing and building websites for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. We work with clients to understand their marketing / outreach needs and craft a successful content strategy and design. PTCS specializes in creating responsive WordPress sites.

Print. PTCS also designs printed materials such as brochures, rack cards, business cards, and flyers.


PTCS specializes in substantive editing but can tailor the scope of your project to meet your needs. In addition to correcting grammatical, spelling, usage, and punctuation errors, these services include:

  • Ensuring consistency in style and terminology
  • Cross-checking text with data in figures and tables
  • Checking for redundancies and discrepancies
  • Adding usability aids such as headings, overview information, definitions, cross-references, and graphical elements
  • Ensuring that the style and tone of the document is appropriate for its intended audience
  • Flagging content gaps and possible factual errors
  • Reorganizing as necessary to ensure that concepts build on each other and readers can find information easily

Substantive editing is recommended for reports and other documents that will be scrutinized by the public, regulatory agencies, other professionals, and prospective clients and customers. This is especially important for documents with multiple authors.